Club G-SHOCK News No.155

    Posted the 31st day of July in 2014 by Riley.

Automatically translated from Japanese

Attention model [latest] released
I have a combination of large rotary switch to big case NEW model of the combination!

I realize the bright gold color ever! "Crazy Gold"

▼ SHOP information
G-SHOCK STORE in the Tohoku area's first open on July 26!

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The G-Shock Game

Tyko Moon x G-Shock GDX-6900-7TY2 Collaboration

    Posted the 22nd day of July in 2014 by Riley.

Tyko Moon unveiled his second G-Shock collaboration at the Soho store collector's event. This new limited edition GDX-6900-7TY2 is the first two color GDX-6900 model to be released. Only 50 watches have been produced and the chance to buy one was raffled away at the event. The retail price is $200 USD. Tyko also designed some shirts and pins that were given away at the event. Some more photos will be coming soon.

Tyko Moon x G-Shock GDX-6900-7TY2 Collaboration

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G-Shock x Sasha Snoom DW-6900 Collaboration

    Posted the 22nd day of July in 2014 by Riley.

Sasha Snoom won a European G-Session competition to have his new custom G-Shock created. Casio did a G-Shock event in St. Petersburg to announce the release of this limited edition. It's hard to make out too many details from the Russian posts. This is likely a very limited edition watch. Check out more photos of the G-Shock and his other artwork.


G-Shock x Sasha Snoom DW-6900 Collaboration
Sasha Snoom and his DW-6900

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G-Shock NYC Collectors Event at Soho Store

    Posted the 22nd day of July in 2014 by Riley.

Friday the Soho G-Shock store in NYC had a big event for collectors. It was a good opportunity for G fans to come together and have a good time. They had plenty of swag and drinks to give away. The new Tyko Moon GDX6900 collaboration was released with only 50 units being available via raffle. Craniotes documented the event with plenty of photos. So check them out to see what went down.


G-Shock NYC Collectors Event

Hands on with the New GWN-1000B-1AJF Gulfmaster G-Shock

    Posted the 15th day of July in 2014 by Riley.

Time4Playnow just received one of the new GWN-1000B-1AJF Gulfmaster G-Shocks and has posted a bunch of photos and thoughts on the watch. This new model was just released by Casio Japan in 2014. It's a large watch even by G-Shock standards and packs an interesting array of features. The Gulfmaster has Multiband 6 atomic sync and the new triple sensor. The dial design is something really different and has the look of a diver with a good amount of heavy lume. Be sure to check out all the comparison shots to see how it looks next to other G-Shocks.


GWN-1000B-1AJF Gulfmaster G-Shock on the wrist

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Club G-SHOCK News No.154

    Posted the 30th day of June in 2014 by Riley.

Automatically translated from Japanese.

Attention model [latest] released

Standard radio reception function and the world's first GPS electric wave reception function, G-SHOCK of hybrid equipped with a time acquisition system of two!

"GULFMASTER (Gulf master)" in, new color on the theme color of the sea comes up!

New color is added to the line-up SKY COCKPIT series!

NEW digital model of toughness classical design with a protector!

Shines in the street scene, New models give a strong impact of "Crazy Colors"!

G-SHOCK event report information

· WOW" of RIP SLYME presents" midsummer

• Supports the tournament as RedBull X-FIGHTERS OSAKA 2014 official watch!

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New G-Shock Releases: Casio Japan July 2014

    Posted the 25th day of June in 2014 by Riley.

Casio Japan has announced the release of three new G-Shock watches for the month of July 2014. Each one is a new GPS Hybrid GPW-1000 model. They are analog aviators with each having a unique colored design. These Sky Cockpit watches have a retail price of about $982 USD. We will have to wait and see about any export release details.


GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor Sky Cockpit GPW-1000-1AJF, GPW-1000-1BJF and GPW-1000-4AJF

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