Clear G-Shock DW-9200K Dye Job

    Posted the 27th day of February in 2008 by Riley.

I just received this great I.C.E.R.C. DW-9200K-2AVT with a clear band and bezel. This G-Shock was new old stock from a watch store, so it's in the best possible condition for being 10 years old. This model has some of the Frogman styling, but in a sleeker package. It's has a very well-balanced feel in contrast to the more top heavy Frogman models of the last few years.

1998 I.C.E.R.C. DW-9200K-2AVT
Screwback - 7th International Dolphin & Whale Conference

It looks nice, but I thought it would look a lot better in another color. The clear resin tends to age poorly anyways and discolor into an odd yellow color when exposed to harsh conditions.

So, the first step is to remove all the resin parts from the module. Be careful not to damage the watch or lose any screws.

Disassembled Parts

I experimented with a few different colors and decided upon a nice orange that was created from a combination of Sunshine Orange and Scarlet RIT dye. You can find the dye in most supermarkets and drug stores near the laundry detergent. It's about $2.50 US for a box of powdered dye ($2.29 on the RIT site, but $5 shipping). One box will be enough for several G-Shock dye jobs. You have to be careful working with it because the dye is very concentrated. It's not recommended to attempt your first dye job on a watch you care much about. Although, if it goes really bad you can always dye it black. Remember that you can always dye darker, but not vice versa.

Dying Procedure:
1. Heat up pan of water to just below boiling (enough to cover all resin parts).
2. Add RIT dye to water and thoroughly mix (dye amount varies by color).
3. Place resin parts in water and stir every 1-2 minutes.
4. Remove parts when desired color is reached (about 20 minutes for me).
5. Rinse off and wash parts with soap and warm water.

Resin Parts After Dying

The resin parts turned out a nice fiery orange that's still fairly transparent. Once they're clean and dry it's time to put the watch back together again.

End Result: Translucent Orange G-Shock

This one turned out quite nice. The quality is as good as anything you would get from Casio, but right now I think this one is unique. The orange goes well with the yellow text on the band and bezel.

What do you think?

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    Nice custom job sir.

    I have G Shock Fisherman DW 8600, the bezel cracked. I think it hard to find the replacement bezel.

    So after I found your site, I want to custom it too, so do you have any suggestion what type bezel and resin strap will fit to my Fisherman?

    Thank you


    Januar74 - I don't know of any available bands and bezels that fit that model. Anyone else?



    That is awesome. But, how did you mix the two different colours? 50-50%? And how did you paint the text to yellow on the band?

    Thanks for your answer.


    I think it was about 75% the orange and 25% scarlet red to get the fiery orange color. I just eyed it and kept mixing them until it looks good. And then tested it on white paper towels to see how it looked when dry. It takes some practice to get just what you want, so I recommend testing a bunch before dipping any parts you really care about. And remember you can always dye it darker later, but there's really no way to make it lighter colored, expect for fading over time maybe.

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