Custom Orange Black Spots Frogman

    Posted the 3rd day of March in 2008 by Riley.

I've had this idea for a custom Frogman for a long time now, but I finally got all the parts and the time to put it together. The Black Spots Frogman was my ideal choice for this one because it's the only Frogman with orange text on the module. The purple LCD number display is also really striking.

Black Spots GW-200RB-1JF

In order to create the custom Frogman I had to scrape up a white band and bezel. The GW-206K band would be preferable, but they're near impossible to get right now and there's no whale on it.

Original GW-205K Band and GW-206K Bezel

I've been on an orange G-Shock kick lately, so I break out the RIT dye again. I chose a mix of Sunshine Orange and Scarlet dye that I really like.

Dying Procedure:
1. Heat up pan of water to just below boiling (enough to cover all resin parts).
2. Add RIT dye to water and thoroughly mix (dye amount varies by color).
3. Place resin parts in water and stir every 1-2 minutes.
4. Remove parts when desired color is reached (about 20 minutes for me).
5. Rinse off and wash parts with soap and warm water.

Remember to remove the parts from the water whenever adding dye to keep the color even.

I had to soak the bezel longer and increase the concentration a bit to get it to match the band.

Orange GW-205K Band and GW-206K Bezel

Once the resin pieces are dyed it's time to assemble all the necessary pieces.

All the parts are ready to go

The parts all go back together and I have a finished G-Shock.

Orange Black Spots Backside
Orange Black Spots Frontside

This one is my new favorite orange Frogman; the only one I've ever seen. The orange text on the Black Spot module along with the purple LCD really compliment the new orange bezel and band.

And so concludes the three part custom orange G-Shocks project.

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    Great job! It looks fantastic. I was wondering where you sourced the parts though? I have an idea for a custom frogman as well but I can't seem to find any parts for it (module, band, bezel, etc.). Maybe I'm just not searching correctly? Any help would be much appreciated!


    Thanks anjin19860. I got the parts from, but I think they're out of stock now. They're going to be hard to find now. The model numbers are listed in the post above, and that's all you need. Finding a seller in Japan is probably your best bet.


    very neat! i totally agree with the orange text on the module, fits perfecly!
    one question, how did you manage black words?


    The text on the band and bezel were already there. They did change in color slightly from the dye though.


    cool… where i can get the rit dye?



    In the US you can by RIT dye at most grocery stores.


    thanks riley,but i'm in indonesia.



    An alternative to RIT dye is Dylon dye. Maybe that's more available in Indonesia?


    hey bro, i hav all the 3 parts ready but im not to sure how to dye it.

    perhaps u can giv me a hand here? i can pay for the workmanship n send u the items as well.

    kuala lumpur, malaysia


    Nice work. I have a question about removing the paint. My white dw-6900 is awfully scrtached and coloured in blue from my denim. I would like to completely remove paint from it to paint it black with rit. What did you used for paint removal process?


    is it possible to turn back white color after DYE?

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