New GW-9200 Riseman

    Posted the 5th day of March in 2008 by Riley.

Casio has announced (English translation) a new GW-9200 model that is to be released June 28, 2008. It's the most feature packed G-Shock ever produced. There will be 3,000 units a month manufactured for the initial release and it will retail for about $260 USD.

New GW-9200 Riseman

Features & Specs
- 6 Band Atomic Time Sync
- Barometer (air pressure range 260 to 1100 hPa)
- Altimeter (-700 to 10000 m)
- Thermometer (-10 ℃ to 60)
- Stopwatch (1 / 100 seconds, 24 hours, with a split)
- World Time (33 world cities, 29 time zones)
- Countdown Timer (24 hours max)
- 5 Alarms (1 with snooze)
- Full auto EL light (with afterlight)
- Tough Solar (large solar charging system)
- Dimensions: 51.0mm × 48.9mm × 15.9mm
- Weight: 60.9g
- Retail Price: ~$260 USD

This is the first model to offer six band atomic sync. The sixth band is for China's new atomic clock signal. This model will sync automatically to the signal broadcast in the US, UK, Germany, China, and Japan (2). The range varies based on the topography of the land, but the US signal from Colorado was recently picked up on a G-Shock in Colombia, South America.

Update: Casio has announced another non-atomic version of the Riseman, the G-9200. No word yet on the retail price, but it should be a good bit cheaper than the GW-9200.

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    Good news, this is not a limited edition. THere will be 3000 pieces of this model be produced a month.


    Good catch. Updated.


    Now if I can only find a place to pre-order this watch!


    wow…. its look good…. but.. its not cool enough…


    BenDavis you hav a damn funny comment this website has information about this awsome watch . Maybe just you are not cool enough for the watch.

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