New Evangelion Special Editions

    Posted the 6th day of March in 2008 by Riley.

Here's some more details on the new special edition Evangelion G-Shocks that are coming out October 7, 2008. There's going to be two models; one white and one black. They both feature the standard DW-5600E 1545 module functions, but there's a custom backlight and and some other unique design features. There's also removable metal pins that can be attached to the band along with an interesting caseback on each.

Evangelion Nerv DW-5600E

And here's the second one:

Evangelion Rei Ayanami DW-5600VT

Both can be purchased online at the Evangelion Store (you can reserve one before release). The black Evangelion Nerv DW-5600E is about $195 USD and the white Evangelion Rei Ayanami DW-5600VT is about $215 USD.

Thanks Sjors.

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    sooo cooool!!!!!!
    where can i get these?


    I think these could only be ordered from the Evangelion store in Japan. They are probably sold out by now.

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