New Limited Edition DW-6900?

    Posted the 25th day of March in 2008 by Riley.

Here's a preview photo of a possible new limited edition DW-6900 G-Shock collaboration model.

Check out Sjors' comment below for more details. Looks like this one is only available to those that pre-ordered it back in October. :(

Here's a shot of the mock-up released back in October.

The final product seems to have changed a bit from the original design.

Thanks Fumi

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    This model had to be pre-ordered on October. It was a special model to promote the Japanese movie "Crows". The original sample was in silver tone. The final version is in gold tone. I like it actually better this way. You can read more here, Fumi explains the model in English:




    Thanks for the information Sjors. I was having a hard time making sense out of it. I see you commented on the old post. Did you order it back then? This one looks nice, but I don't think I would have pulled the trigger on it.


    Hi Riley,

    It woud be hard to order one if you live outside Japan, but I have my sources for these kind of collaboration models. For instance the TLC Mudman (that was later funny enough available everywhere outside very easy) could not be ordered direct from Casio.

    Personally I didn't like the silver tone sample. The final version looks much better. It is a pity there are so many different collaboration G-Shock's out in Japan. It's pretty expensive to get such a G-Shock outside Japan. If I really like a model I try to get it. I have been tempted by the red Kawasaki Ninja edition, but had no money left. I actually don't have well paid job (but it's a fun one).

    I usually use the Excite translator: It works quite good, and recently they added a third control view if you tag the box. I watch about 12 Japanese weblogs almost daily. It's a nice way to learn about new G-Shocks and you also learn to use the translator tool wisely (in the beginning you often get strange translations). The trick is to use small sentences. A second obstacle for me is the English language.




    Good stuff Sjors. It's rough being a G-Shock fan outside Japan.

    I've been using Google Translate, but I'll have to give the Excite one more of a chance. I'm really impressed by your language skills BTW.

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