50Gs x My G-Shock: KIKS TYO Collaboration

    Posted the 13th day of April in 2008 by Riley.

This post is the first in a series of collaborations with the 50Gs blog. I'm covering the KIKS TYO Burning Red model, and Sjors is featuring the Midnight Darkness model, along with lots of other good information. Both posts together form a more complete article on the models KIKS TYO has released in collaboration with Casio. The two DW-5600VT models were released in 2007, but KIKS TYO has worked with Casio in the past, and new collaborations are in the future. Check out both our posts to get the full picture on these great G-Shocks.

50Gs x My G-Shock #1

KIKS TYO Burning Red Collaboration

The skull and crossbones image makes this one of the best backlights on a G-Shock. It lights up nice a bright with the text "KIKS" across the bottom.

Special gift box

This special gift box is one of the most original ones to come out with a collaboration model. It's solid box that's larger than most any other G-Shock container. The text on the side is in the style of most sneaker boxes.

Fox Fire red and black DW-5600VT

The red splatter paint around the LCD matches the look of the paint on the bands. It's almost blood-like, so it might appeal to the horror fans out there.

Red paint speckled band

The only real disappointment on this model is the plain case back. There's nothing to separate it froma regular model except for the "VT" appended to the model number. But I guess you can't everything. I'd rather have this shortcoming than give up any of the other special features.

Module 1545 steel back

This is one of my favorite DW-5600 models. The red on black makes for a striking look. The mini-shoebox is a really nice extra bonus that fits perfectly. And it works great with a pair of KIKS or one of their stylish t-shirts.

Be sure to read Sjors' post for more information on the KIKS TYO company.

Lower quality Youtube video:

G-Shockers Collaboration Project

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