Eric Haze Silver DW-6900

    Posted the 24th day of April in 2008 by Riley.

Sjors has posted an article highlighting the silver Eric Haze limited edition DW-6900 on his Japanese blog. This model has a mirror display and is part of the silver collection. It's definitely one of the best DW-6900 models out there right now. Follow the link for more great photos.

Read it here (English translation)

Eric Haze Silver DW-6900

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    Hi Riley,

    It's funny you posted my blog article of today. I was actually not complete satisfied with the results. It was very hard to get a good photo of it. I guess you picked out the one of the best ones. I made the article in a rush, because I had a lot of work to do. Strangely the watch looks like on that pic most of the times. Probably because the white ceilings are reflected in it. I hope to get better pictures of it later.

    I was going to post how I restored my DW-5600C actually (and sending you the results too of course. Unfortunately I got the wrong bezel. I seem to have 4 DW-5600E bezels now, but no DW-5600C. The living is recently painted and I am sure I had received a DW-5600C bezel, but I can't find it anywhere. I ordered a new one yesterday…. All I have now is this photo of the start of my project, that now must be preformed later:-(

    Kind regards from the Netherlands,



    Sjors - That Eric Haze model looks great. They're not studio photos, but I like them as you took them in a natural setting. I'm looking forward to seeing your restored DW-5600C. Let me know if you need a bezel. I'm waiting on some to be delivered.


    i love this watch!


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