GW-9010 Mudman Real After All, Still Ugly

    Posted the 27th day of June in 2008 by Riley.

This model was first dismissed as being a fake when it showed up in WUS forum post a couple months ago. Well, it turns out to be real Casio release. The US seller msgdistributors has confirmed that the G-9010-1DR will be released in July, and will be followed by the atomic GW-9010-1DR.

New G-9010-1DR Mudman

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    I kind of like the "Rally Mode" feature. I think Casio should do more to tie the Mudman series to motorsports. Maybe this one will look better in person?


    Yes, I think this module's feature set has some potential. But the photos so far make it look pretty crappy aesthetically. I hope it ends up looking better.


    I actually disagree this one looks plain ugly. It looks different, but not real bad… I was surprised to get an e-mail from 山猿 not being aware there is a new Mudman model comng out soon. He's often the first to report these kind of new models.

    It's cool for the Zegarki guys in Poland to spot it first. Those guys there are pretty active too, but I frankly can't read a word they write.



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