The New G-Shock Tough Movement

    Posted the 31st day of July in 2008 by Riley.

Casio has announced their new "Tough Movement" technology that features a high shock resistance along with hand position correction function using LED. The new movement combines metal and plastic parts in order to reduce the weight and offer superior rigidity. Casio used a larger diameter shaft and two metal positioning pins provided on the plate supporting the movement and the dial plate. The positions of the hands are detected at 55'00" of every hour and if the time indicated by the watch does not coincide with that of the time counter in the IC, the movement corrects the hand position. This is accomplished by using an LED that emits light 16 times a second to check the positions of the 300mum diameter holes on the gears of all three hands. With the use of the new movement, the thickness of the three-hand analog model is reduced by 2.26mm to 4.11mm, while that of the chronograph model is reduced by 0.55mm to 4.9mm. Casio plans to use the Tough Movement in the Oceanus and Giez series.


Tough Movement metal and plastic parts
LED detection of gear position
GS-1200 with Tough Movement

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