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Leejc has posted scans of a Japanese comic book that tells the origin story and history of G-Shocks. It's seems a little odd, but I guess this kind of thing is normal in Japan. There's no English version, but I'll try to get a quick translation to go below each panel.

The Men Who Created G-Shock

G-shock has sold 36 basic models; 30,000,000 units domestically and 120,000,000 if including international sales (as of April 1997 - *Normally a watch is a hit at 100,000 units sold) . It's a watch that's given birth to a legend.

There are many people who like G-Shock, such as Keanu Reeves, who ran without shoes in the movie “Speed”.

The Special Navy Seal units who served in the Gulf War.
And also the youth in Japan who are called “street kids”

This is the tale of the 3 people who created the G-Shock (Project Team Tough).

Summer 1981, Casio Technology Center (Bamura, Tokyo). The dream of these men begins at the toilet here.

“Boy, It’s hot.” – Masuda Yuichi (26 at the time)

“On such a day, I just want give my work to someone quickly, and get out of here for a beer!”

*Bam (sound effect)

"What kind of posturing is this? For shitting…?" (thought bubble)

*tsuka tsuka (fast walking sound effect)

*Kiiiiii (window opening sound effect)

*kyoro kyoro (looking left and right sound effect)

*kiraaaa (shinny object sound effect)


*Kyaaaaaa (An object drops to the ground)

*Da….. (passing quickly)

Thought bubble: “What the hell was that all about?”

“You know this is the 3rd Floor.”

Ibe Kikuou (28 at the time)

“Hmm…..The connection between the electronic parts will have to be made stronger, or it just won’t do….”

“So, that was the thing that you dropped earlier from the toilet window?”

“Ya….oh, it’s you Masuda.”

“What were you doing with that thing?”

“I just wonder whether it would work for the new product.”

“Huh? What kind of watch are you thinking about creating?”

“To put it simply, I want a watch that’s somewhat like this lighter.”
*Goto (sound effect of the lighter case hitting the table)

“Isn’t that a Zippo, I have that lighter too.”

“The biggest characteristic of a Zippo is that the wick is shielded from the wind. This changed the long time believe that lighters are weak in the wind. It doesn't have any decorations, it's (design) intention is that as long as its shield is OK, it'll do for a guy."

“Don’t you think it’ll be good to have a watch that still works even when it got hit to the point that it’s all scratched up?”


*Gara (opening drawer)

“This is the watch I got from my dad as a congratulatory gift for entering high school. He gave up a lot to give it to me.”

”Oh, but it’s broken.”

“Yeah, it fell and broke a week ago….this watch was like a part of me…..my heart really felt like breaking when it broke. And I thought at that time, I really would have to create a watch that’s like a Zippo.”

“To create a watch that can be handed down from father to son, son to grandson. A watch that will survive and hold these meanings, that is my dream now!!”


“Hmmm….an unbreakable watch”

(Thought bubble) ”A wrist watch is weak against shock – everyone is aware of this when they pick up a digital watch. It would be good if you didn't need to be mindful of that when you use your wrist watch…”

“Hey Misuda. Let’s go together again today.” (drinking)


(Thought Bubble) Mr. Ibe’s “dream”…..
I had a dream when I first entered this company….
But at what point did it get replaced by the happily drinking daily and not working……


“I’m sorry. I won’t be going to the bar for a beer today.”


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Thanks tiger2 for sharing this.

Thanks Jenny for the translation.

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    Great post! Anybody have a link to where I can purchase this book or what Japanese characters I can use to search for this on yahoo auctions? Thanks.

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