Crazy Colors G-Shocks Galore

    Posted the 21st day of September in 2008 by Riley.

This post is a G-Shockers Collaboration post that goes along withSjors' DW-6900CS-4 post on 50Gs.

The Crazy Colors series was just released about a month ago and it seems to be a big hit so far. These five new G-Shocks all feature brightly colored accents and brand new LCDs with mirrored digits. It's really hard to capture the look of them on camera (like the mirrored crystals). All of these models retail for $89 USD. Most are available on eBay, but so far there's been no great bargains. But the retail price is really quite reasonable for a limited edition. There's no word on how many have been produced, so it's hard to predict how the market price will evolve. If you see one you like, you should probably pick it up now while they're available. You won't be disappointed.

Here's Casio's stock photos for the five models in the Crazy Colors series:


The DW-6900CS-1 and DW-5600CS-1 are my two picks from this series. I just received them, and so far I'm really happy with both. And now lets take a closer look at these two G-Shocks.

Both of mine are export versions that came in the same type of packaging.

Outer box
Inner round tin

This model has the standard DW-5600E series 1545 module. It's just the color of the display and digits that's different.

And here's the black and green DW-6900CS-1.


This one has the standard DW-6900 series 1289 module, but again only the aesthetics have been changed.

Overall, these look amazing. The glossy black resin really has to be sen in person. And the LCDs are the biggest change I've seen in G-Shock design this year. They're really in a category of their own.

G-Shockers Collaboration Project

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    All I have to say about these is HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA DREWL!

    I am particularly in love with the shiny black DW-6900 with the glowing face!


    Thanks JoakimAgren!

    I'm liking them the more time I spend with them. The deep glossy black band and bezel is unreal next to the bright orange and green.


    Hi Riley,

    I saw Fumi had bought two pink versions and swapped the bezel and straps with black ones. It also looked very cool!




    OK.. I picked up the DW-6900CS-1 last night at Macy's(suprised they had it). You are absolutely correct when you said it must be seen in person to appreciate the appearance. Absolutely stunning. The glossy finish and the Green display reminds me of something from Return of the Jedi.


    Yes, the DW-6900CS-1 does have a real futuristic look to it. It's subtle and bright at the same time. Or something like that. It's really different.


    i just got this dw5600. I can't decide if i'm a fan of the glossy band. The face color configuration and display are what sold me. I'm probably going to do a swap for the more common 5600 bezel and strap. I love the metallic look of the digital read out!

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