Big G-Shock & Parts Giveaway #3

    Posted the 3rd day of January in 2009 by Riley.

Today is the beginning of the third big G-Shock and parts giveaway. There's lots of good stuff up for grabs. To be eligible all you have to do is make a submission to the G-Shock Image Archive. The more you submit the better your chances are to get one of these giveaways. There's going to be three sets of parts, and one G-Shock given away each month. Each random drawing will be from the total submissions of the month before. There's four lucky recipients each month.

To Enter: Submit Your Photos and Videos to the Archive

There's submit buttons at the bottom of each model's page.

Please be logged into when submitting, so it will automatically credit and count your submissions.

General Guidelines:
- Only submit your content (or have permission, creative commons, etc.)
- Make sure you submit on the right model's page (contact me for missing ones)
- The quality needs to be decent (do your best - see here or ask)
- Try to make the submission unique (what you think should be shown off)
- Descriptions are not required, but are encouraged (good stuff)

The real goal is to help make the G-Shock Image Archive a better resource for the entire G-Shock community at large. Please play fair by these guidelines, so it works for everyone. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

Free G-Shock:

G-9100-1 Gulfman G-9100-2 Gulfman
G-9000-1 Mudman G-9000-3 Mudman

(1) Choice of one the above four models

DW-5600E Face Protectors (aka Bull Bars)

(1) Face Protector

Official Casio Strap Adapters

(2) Pairs of Casio Strap Adapters

Part 2: February:
(1) Choice of G-Shock
(1) Face Protector
(2) Pairs of Casio Strap Adapters

Part 3: ???
(1) Choice of G-Shock
(1) Face Protector
(2) Pairs of Casio Strap Adapters

All G-Shocks and parts are new and unworn. The exact model numbers of the last two G-Shock giveaways will be announced after each month's recipients are posted. Each drawing will occur soon after the end of the month.

Make sure you have registered and logged into this site. You'll see "submitted by: USERNAME" automatically show up on all your submissions, and I can contact the recipients via the email.

That's it for now. If there's any problems then some adjustments might need to be made. Any obvious bad behavior will disqualify a user, so please use common sense when submitting.

If there's a huge amount of submissions I'll try to up the ante and throw in some more stuff.

Update 1:
Tofumaster chose the G-9100-1 Gulfman the first month. For February I'll be adding a DW-6900-1 as an option in it's place.

Update 2:
Part 3 will be delayed for a little bit. There's some site design work going on and users won't be able to submit to the archive for a few days. Stay tuned for updates.

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    Cool giveaway. I was meaning to add some stuff to the DB… but this got me to 'clean out' my hard drive and Flickr so to speak :D

    Added some pics to the G9000, GW225A, GLX5600 in white, Jam'in 6900 and 5500…. some other stuff too. Here's hoping others will add some pics as well.


    Very nice pics bjornkeizers.

    Thanks to everyone that's contributed so far. You can check out the latest updates here:


    I popped some in to the Mudman DB and Rally area, Raysman, Riseman, MTG, 5600C, and a few other areas….never thought to pop them in there….great incentive to do so, thanks Riley. Looking forward to seeing all the submissions.


    Thanks DougFNJ. I hope to see some of your great video reviews in the archive.

    I've been trying to improve the process and add missing models, so let me know if there's anything I can do to help.


    cool give away and can use some more 5600e protectors.


    Does anyone know where one can buy those bull bars and "official Casio" strap adapters? Will they fit a GW-M5600? Thanks.


    gslaskin - the bull bars are discontinued, but you might still be able to get the strap adapters from Casio:

    They should fit the GW-M5600, but I've never tried it myself. They're not meant for it, but others have managed to get it to work.


    done my 2 g-shock. next target men in rusty black.


    can use some more 6900 protectors for either 6600 or 6900.


    I wish the DW-6900 bull bars were available from Casio. I'd be happy to buy a bunch and give them away (keeping some for myself too of course :) ).


    Added some pictures to the DW-5600E, GW-M5600 and to the GW-M5600BC areas :)


    Thanks for the contributions psymbiote. And thanks to everyone else for supporting the project.

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