3 Custom G-Shocks in One Day

    Posted the 11th day of January in 2009 by Riley.

MikeKICKz had a busy day customizing all three of these G-Shocks. He re-dyed his G-9000-3V Mudman, and also converted his DW-5600E and DW-9052 to negative LCDs. They all turned out nicely. It's great that mods like these are possible on these watches. And using his son's 3D glasses for the polarizing film was very MacGyver.


Negative DW-9052 & DW-5600E - Purple G-9000-3V Mudman

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    hey those are my watches.


    Hi mikeKICKz. Welcome to the site.

    You did a nice job modifying these Gs. The reversed displays look like they came from the factory that way. And I think you have the only purple Mudman in existence.


    thanks riley. is this your site?


    Yep, I guess you could say this is my site.

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