How Many G-Shocks Do You Have Now?

    Posted the 13th day of January in 2009 by Riley.

There's not much news today, so lets see how your G-Shock collections are doing.

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    "200+ (1%, 1 Votes)"

    No points for guessing who *that* might be…

    Hi Sjors!!


    There's some really interesting results so far. I'm really surprised that there's two votes for over 200 G-Shocks. I wonder who the other one is besides Sjors. It's not me. :)


    Hi Bjorn (fellow Dutch man),

    I need a very big grin smiley, ha ha!

    There must be more freaks like me. I know FUMI had bought more Gs than me in 2008. I know him longer than 5 years now, so he must be having quite some Gs too.



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