New Godzilla DW-6900BGODZ-9JF G-Shock

    Posted the 1st day of March in 2009 by Riley.

A new limited edition Godzilla G-Shock has shown up on a Japanese website. The black DW-6900BGODZ-9JF has the text "GODZILLA" on the face and some elaborate band printing. It's going to retail for around $160 USD. It looks to be sale now on the lined site, but it might be tough to buy outside of Japan.


1954 birth year from 1955.
Beyond history, remains a hero model in collaboration with Godzilla appeared. Send a new value for a foreign culture from Japan G-SHOCK, GODZILLA is the common denominator of their own strength and the evolution YURUGANU people we have attracted. Represents a global view of the world's first mono Godzilla, the motif of the dorsal fin on the belt, the back cover, G-SHOCK Godzilla and the "G" is engraved characters.


Limited Edition Godzilla DW-6900BGODZ-9JF G-Shock

Thanks Yamazaru-San.

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