The Idiot's Guide to Cleaning a White G-Shock

    Posted the 29th day of September in 2009 by Riley.

TheHowToKrew has posted a new video showing how he cleans his white GLX-5600-7 G-Lide. A video seems like overkill, when you could just say scrub the dirty parts with nail polish remover on a q-tip. But it might be helpful for some people to see exactly how this is done. It would have been nice to see how well it works on the non-glossy strap holder. A grungy one of those is annoying because it's much more visible than the underside of the band.

Warning: Most nail polish remover contains Acetone. It's strong stuff that cleans well, but it could have some long term effects on the lifespan of the resin band and bezel. It's hard to say exactly how much of an effect it will have. The resin in G-Shock varies between different models, and so does the ingredients in various nail polish removers. It will also remove paint from the parts.

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    Whats wrong with using regular bar soap and water?

    I use it and it works everytime and is much more healthy to the resin!

    I would never put acetone anywhere near my beloved G's!


    Yeah, I think warm water and soap is probably the best way to go. I'm curious to see if nail polish remover would remove a really tough stain in white resin. It can obviously remove surface grime. It might not be worth it if the resin damaged in the process though. There's lots of people with dirty white G-Shocks that would like a simple and safe fix.

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