Four New DW-6900CB G-Shocks Announced

    Posted the 15th day of January in 2010 by Riley.

Casio has announced four new G-Shocks in a new DW6900CB series. There's the light blue DW-6900CB-2DR, black DW-6900CB-1DR, red DW-6900CB-4DR and silver DW-6900CB-8DR. Each of these watches has mirrored digits and a reversed LCD. These new color combinations offer something new, and they all look bright and shiny. What's your favorite?


DW-6900CB-2DR DW-6900CB-1DR
DW-6900CB-4DR DW-6900CB-8DR

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    When are these products going to be on


    They haven't been officially announced for the US market yet. But I would think there's a good chance they will carry them. We'll just have to wait until they announce it. It might be a month or so.


    @ DHUNTZ

    You better keep your eyes open oin the East Asian market (Singapore, Hong Kong). They tend to show up early there and for good prices. Maybe also because I'm located in Europe, maybe. It seems that they will be the "basic" G-Shock collection for 2010, so I think they will be around for quite some time.

    I like the black/brown, red and silver model very much.




    Great! I've been waiting for a black 6900 but somehow the military edition is way too expensive and kinda dull.
    I'm in Malaysia, and new models tend to pop here fast!



    you can find the military edition at a very attractive price at Sungei Wang. I ask one of the shop there it's about RM285 ( USD 83++). I know that it's quite relative low credible to make your purchase there since loads of fakes produced but Sungei Wang at KL was the prime market for watch. Many watch seeker go there to find their watches.Try go into level LG, Go into the T-Junction walk. There are loads of watch shop that sell genuine shocks.

    The Best thing is , you can bargain the price with them!!!

    I got one of my 6900 metalic blue from there for only RM280 (roughly USD82) after bargaining with them.

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