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    Posted the 27th day of April in 2010 by Riley.

8 New G-Shock Releases [2010/4/27]

GIEZ is subdued gray and deep red resin coated metal parts to IP. The birth of a new product that combines sophisticated design. G-SHOCK from a variety of colors and wore summer "Summer Colors" appears. Sports Line "G-LIDE" in summer 2010 model line, the first 6900 series Up. More G-SHOCK and Baby-G is a street brand development and Hawaii [In4mation Guide Tie model release.

The popular G-ms high-quality metal case is based on trends, Gloss Black Model that appeared to point to solar radio pink. Raundofeisudezain features a simple Baby-G BGD-100 series, The new model lineup and a fresh face patterns Dodd vivid colors. Imashita colorful hand models in addition to this summer!

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AW-582CC-3AJF, AW-582CC-4AJF, GLS-5500CC-2JF, GLS-5500CC-9JF, GLX-6900-1JF, GLX-6900-7JF, GLX-6900X-2JR and GS-1300BM-4AJR

Baby-G is here!

BG-3000X-2JR, BGD-100-1BJF, BGD-100-7AJF, BGD-100-7BJF, BGD-104-4JF, BGD-105-7JF, BGD-110-1BJF, BGD-110-7BJF and MSA-7100CBJ-1A2JF

SHOCK THE WORLD web site redesign!

This year the first G-SHOCK delivers the latest information.

G-SHOCK ART GALLERY 2010 "Never Stop"
First, 3 / 11 ~ 3 / 24, LA select the popular shop "Fred" at Held G-SHOCK ART GALLERY 2010 "Never Stop" up reports.
Also holds fashion party officials invited the media and We end well received!

G-SHOCK ART GALLERY 2010 "Never Stop" in Japan
4 / 24 to 5 / to 5, G-SHOCK STORE that, from Canal City Hakata Fukuoka Start! The questionnaire and a nice novelty during the conference And get, what I hold in lots, and enjoy! 5 / 27 to 6 / 7, the selection of the popular shop "Tokyo" Nano Universe at Determined at? held at the shop due to the installation, Do not miss the fashion scene with fusion. For more dates and times, SHOCK THE WORLD hp check!

That tour will be home real winner last year! Venue, Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Takamatsu, Fukuoka determined by! Artists and performers, more so from time to time update, You'll notice the check out!


Last year the United States, Los Angels at LA celebrity purveyor Apareruserekutoshoppu "Fred Segal (Fred Segal)" extremely well received and held at G-SHOCK ART GALLERY be held again this year! And the G-SHOCK ART GALLERY, G-SHOCK's identity is "TOUGH" the Concept, through art creators from around the world the world of G-SHOCK Art project to represent. This year, he greeted the creators Andy Mueller, "NEVER STOP" held entitled to form a shop! The first round, 3 / 4 ~ 3 / 31, LA is the epicenter of fashion information in Conference. The second most popular boutiques in Tokyo held in the summer, The third, representing a select shop in Paris in the fall will be held at . Also this year, a special G-SHOCK retail gallery, "G-SHOCK STORE" for 2 held in store! (Fukuoka Canal City shop: 4 / 23 to 5 / 05, Aqua City Odaiba shop: Expected in July) to all means enjoy!

Mobile site @ G G-SHOCK standby work.

You can set your favorite G-SHOCK watch the screen waiting for a mobile Continuing the popular virtual G-SHOCK! ! Released every Friday after another G-SHOCK watch in standby! I try to check it out!

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