GX-56 G-Shocks Are Official

    Posted the 26th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Casio Germany has posted two new GX-56 G-Shocks on their website. We saw a preview of these models as prototypes at Baselworld 2010. There's a stealthy black GX-56-1AER and a red GX-56-4AER. Both have a negative LCD. These look to have the rugged over-sized styling of the Mudman G-Shocks. There hasn't been a 5600 model this big since the DW-5300. We will have to wait and see what other markets get this release.

Link and Link


Thanks Joakim Agren and d2mac.

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    it looks like a kids watch, for children.


    I like it, but then again,

    I'm a 43 year old kikd ;-)

    Wait for 10 years. The Gundam also looked like a kid watch…




    yeah this is an nice watch. but it is as bulky as the mudmans.


    Hi guys, Taig Khris wear the red GX-56

    "World champion roller-skater Taig Khris sets a new world record by jumping off the Eiffel Tower with skates on. The 34-year old launched himself from the 40-metre (131 foot) high first floor of the famous monument onto a giant sized quarter pipe ramp beneath. It took two attempts to officially set a new 12m (39 feet) record for "dropping" - jumping off a structure and freefalling onto a landing."


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