New Summer G-Shocks for August 2010

    Posted the 16th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

G-Shock Sjors has posted some new G-Shocks that will be coming out later this summer. There's some exciting new models that we haven't seen before. It looks like most of these will released in August. Stay tuned for more details on price and availability.


Pink GLS-5500MM-4
Blue DW-6900MM-2 and Orange DW-6900MM-4 Summer Colors
Black GA-110C1A and White GC-110C-7A
Stealth Military AW-591MIL-1A
GD-100-1A and Stealthy GD-100-1B

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    The orange and pinks seem to have the least legible displays of anything I've seen recently! But the orange would be cool if it works a bit better in real life.

    Otherwise, my favourite would be the regular black 110.


    the dw6900's are super plain!which i like[:
    and the pink and the orange, cant really see the display.
    why is that?


    I think the displays are not really visible due to poor lighting (striking from one side). You see this on the Crazy Color models too when photographing, still I have heard no complains about the readability yet. I think there will be no real problems with the real models.




    The Blue DW-6900MM-2 looks really HOT!!!

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