New Green Collection Jelly G-Shocks

    Posted the 15th day of July in 2010 by Riley.

A new series of "Green Collection" G-Shocks has been announced. There's three G-Shock models and one Baby-G watch. All of these are lighter colored with jelly resin parts. None of them have much of the color green, like the first series, but they do come in the special "eco-conscious" green packaging. Stay tuned for more details on price and availability.

G-2300EB-7DR, G-5600EB-2DR, G-6900EB-2DR and BGR-300EB-7DR

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    I am *definitely* getting that G-5600EB-2DR. Jelly's seem very rare these days, and I really want one for my collection. It looks a very ice-like blue… should be stunning in person!


    oh my, im wanting to get a jelly 5600!
    the 5600EB looks nice[:


    The whole line is nice.. might have to grab two..the 5600 is eye catching


    the 5600 !!!

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