M&M's x Casio Baby-G BG-5600MMCHO-7JR Collaboration Watch

    Posted the 1st day of December in 2010 by Riley.

A new M&M's collaboration Baby-G has been announced in Japan. The BG-5600MMCHO-7JR is a white model with the colorful M&M's candy printed on the band. It's coming out in December, and the retail price is about $150 USD. Each watch comes in a colorfully designed cardboard box.

Chocolate is very popular in the world "M & M'S ®" and "tough" and "cute" as popular among young women watch the "Baby-G" model was born and collaboration.

Baby-G model is a popular base among the BG-5600 model is adopted. Colorful "M & M'S ®" leave the world of chocolate, has become a pop, cute models.

The back cover, "M & M'S ®" is the only female character, "Miss Green" charity, EL backlight emerge "m" with a mark of wealth for the playful design.

Will be released in limited quantities into the original package.


M&M's x Casio Baby-G BG-5600MMCHO-7JR

Thanks Joakim.

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    You know what Riley? I'm going to be the first to say this, why is it the Baby-G's have the best colorways? Lol I wouldn't mind a Deco dw-6900, or an M&M 5600! Lol. I buy Baby-G's that my wife doesn't even wear just because I like how they look in my collection! Sigh no prob, I think the Dickies collabo will make me feel better.


    I think DragonJade had announced this model quite a long time ago (probably as pre-announcement). At that time I thought this was a funny model. Not that I would buy it, but if I was a girl… And I am fond of M&M's.

    In January I will go with Bram to Tron Legacy in the local cinema (soundtrack by Daft Punk!). I probably will eat 2 big packs of M&M's again :-)




    It's a fun collab. I might have to get one for my girlfriend. She loves M&M's. I'm not really much of a candy fan though. Beer is my candy I guess. :-)


    I just have a thing for colorful colorways, sometimes ppl who never even heard of G-Shocks stop me when they see the colorful watch on my wrist. The balance of fun and tough are the things I love about this product.

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