Giveaway: King G-Shock GX-56-1BDR

    Posted the 13th day of December in 2010 by Riley.

This week we are giving away a new King G-Shock GX-56-1BDR. And to change things up, the giveaway is being done over on Facebook this time. You just need to be logged in and 'like" that page linked to below. The winner will be randomly drawn as usual on this Friday at noon (December 17th @ 12pm EST).

To enter this giveaway: You just have to "like" the Dexclusive Facebook page

Win a GX-56-1BDR King G-Shock

Usually, I would be posting the full review of this watch today too, but it's been delayed due to some technical difficulties. Keep an eye out for that post in the near future though.

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    I Like!


    Lol I guess its time to have a facebook huh? I actually want this King of G for some reason I can't find these in stores.


    I done did it.


    I will pass on this one then. I hate facebook. I have real friends.


    I'd like to enter this sweepstakes but unfortunately I do NOT commit to social media sites, nor would I open an FB account just for this cause.
    It is irresponsible to assume that everyone is commited to (or should commit to) social media esp. FB, and that this sweepstakes is unfair to those who would not oblige to social media for various reasons.


    Sorry if you guys don't like Facebook. I don't really use it myself, but I've set up an account for when it's needed. It's pretty much the most popular online account system now, so I thought this would be easy enough for everyone. You don't have to give them any real information about you if you don't want to. I like my privacy too.

    Oh, and next week's GX-56-4ADR G-Shock giveaway will be back here in the blog BTW.


    On pics this G looks way better than on photos :)


    i would love to win this watch prob i wont win tough


    Hoping to still win. :D


    Looks square and yummy!


    GX-56 is a nice watch. I like it. Too bad it's quite big…. If there was a smaller version:)


    Let me have it the King ^_^!


    I'm working on getting the video review of this G-Shock uploaded to YouTube. It should be live in a few hours. Look for the new post with the full review soon after that.





    Love it, hope i can win this time…


    I want a Gshock so bad but idk where to find one without buying one :( I would be happy with any kind


    I grew up with Casio G-Shocks. I would like to get one in my collection. Thank You.

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