GD100SC Color G-Shock Series: GD-100SC-1DR, GD-100SC-6DR & GD-100SC-7DR

    Posted the 24th day of December in 2010 by Riley.

A colorful new trio of GD100SC G-Shocks will be coming out in January 2011. These three look to be part of some new Crazy Colors-like limited edition series. They each feature the same 3263 module, but with a different color LED back light in each (GD-100SC-1DR: blue green, GD-100SC-6DR: pink and GD-100SC-7DR: white).

GD-100SC-1DR and GD-100SC-6DR

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    That black/green one and purple/pink one me like very much :)

    But I will not be getting them in January because of other stuff in line, and lack of money :(


    As mentioned before, these new color schemes are just a ploy for Casio to experient its updated LED backlighting in different color phosphors (or whatever it is called).

    Anyone who does not like the 3263 module will simply yank out all these color schemes from his/her wishlist.

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