G-Shock Watch Used as Undercover Spy Device

    Posted the 24th day of January in 2011 by Riley.

A British undercover policeman used a customized G-Shock watch to record conversations on a case. This may or may not have been the first time a Casio G-Shock has been used for such a purpose. It would be interesting to know if the watch was still functional in any way. And what model do you think they used?

using a specially modified Casio G Shock watch worth £7,000 equipped with a microchip.


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    Well, he "claimed" to have used a recording G-Shock. As all the transcripts have been "withheld", there's no actual proof yet. He's on the wrong end of the police's goodwill at the moment, so I wouldn't 100% trust any unproven evidence from him right now.


    Something did seem a little fishy about this story. It was just an odd way for a G-Shock to make the news.

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