More on the GDF-100 ALTI-THERMO G-Shocks

    Posted the 26th day of January in 2011 by Riley.

Here's some better images of the upcoming GDF-100 ALTI-THERMO G-Shocks, thanks to G-Street. These G-Shocks will start to be released worldwide in March 2011. This brand new form factor is something we haven't seen before. These watches have similar features to the 9200 Riseman series, but now packaged in a brand new form factor. We will have to wait for the full details from Casio to see how these G-Shocks compare. These are likely to come to the US market under the GDF100 model number, but with a new name.


GDF-100-4JF (aka GDF-100-4DR, GDF-100-4ER and GDF-100-4CR)
GDF-100-1B_JF (aka GDF-100-1BDR, GDF-100-1BER and GDF-100-1BCR)
GDF-100-1AJF (aka GDF-100-1ADR, GDF-100-1AER and GDF-100-1ACR)

GDF-100-1A Full View

Thanks Anthony.

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    A pity that Casio didn't give these a proper name. It is a kind of new Riseman, but the Riseman was revived recently. Maybe they could have revived the name SkyForce again for this one. Not sure what to think of it's shape and looks. It reminds me a little bit to this building. It is an interesting building, but is it beautiful?

    I like the way the sensor looks. Also I like the display, I love to see more (graphs), but overall I can't make a decision. The future might tell.




    These really do need a good name. SkyForce would be cool. Casio might still give it a name. We'll see. And I like that building. It looks like they have quite a lot of windows.


    The buttons look intriguing. On the top right side is it split into a cluster of four tiny buttons?


    Hi uffepederdk,

    I think the buttons have a kind of structure to give it extra grip. It might be dotted, like the GA-100:

    or a cross, like the Gulfman buttons:



    P.S. @ Riley,

    I alway crop my photo's to a max width of 800 px I can't resize them, without affecting the page or article I posted my photo's in. I noticed yuo were able to resize them in the post. Thanks! ;-)



    BTW, Check out that number on the display:

    8250. This can't be a coincidental number!


    I wonder if 8250 could be the module number.


    Or more GF-8250 models to come (I think I heard something like this ventilated somewhere…


    Oh, huh… That would be interesting.


    Does somebody know what will be the size of these watches ; like the G-1XX series or, I hope, like the 9XXX series ?



    I haven't seen any specs or comparisons yet, but I would guess that these would be around the size of the 7900 models.


    Hi Riley & Sjors,

    This new GDF series is not a totally new G-Shock. It actual shock resistant version based on Casio Sport Model SGW-300H series. By looking the display position, is an same with the SGW-300H, just slightly changes on the graph position. It is a good choice who want a big & bulky ALTI-BARO Twin Sensor beside the smaller Riseman.

    Good job Casio, for bring back the bulkiness of the G's.




    solar power where is it???
    I will wait until they release the solar powered model


    I like the display layout how you can read time,temp,alti all at the same time riseman is alti only always thought temp should have been on alti screen.Casio is making alot of negatve displays
    these days i like that.Red one should be in burning red series can't say if i like this styling looks
    like old and new combined.


    I bought the watch and it is a very good watch and it gives very accurate readings.


    i'm a casio watches seller, and this type of casio G-shock (GDF-100 series) are the most wanted type of casio in my country. i sell it in this casio shop and be a best buy products.

    thanks before

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