Black x Gold Series G-Shocks: GD-100GB-1DR, GDF-100GB-1DR, GA-110GB-1ADR, GX-56GB-1DR & G-9300GB-1DR

    Posted the 23rd day of March in 2011 by Riley.

Five new limited edition G-Shocks will be released world wide as a continuation of the Japanese Black x Gold series we saw earlier this year. The gold details really leap out at you from the flat black background. These should start to come out in June 2011. No word yet on pricing.

Black x Gold GD-100GB-1DR and GDF-100GB-1DR G-Shocks
GA-110GB-1ADR and GX-56GB-1DR

G-9300GB-1DR Mudman

Thanks A Price as an Asian.

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    I NEED that GX-56GB-1DR, like yesterday!!


    Is their anywhere in the UK or online selling these Watches yet??
    I NEED THESE !!!!!


    I would think these will be coming to the UK soon, but maybe not all of them.


    How do you know it's real cause I was going to buy one from macys

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