GF-1000-1DR Frogman G-Shock Coming Soon

    Posted the 23rd day of March in 2011 by Riley.

A new GF-1000-1DR Frogman will be released worldwide in April 2011. This diver is sort of a plain black version of the yellow GF-8250 Frogman released earlier this year. It's a non-atomic Tough Solar model with the same look as the GWF-1000-1JF. Maybe it will have a have retail price close to the the yellow frog's $450 USD? It features a stainless steel case and a blue green EL backlight. It might be a nice option for those looking for a currently available black Frogman. The atomic GWF-1000 Frogman models released in Japan sell for several hundred dollars more.

GF-1000-1DR Frogman G-Shock

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    Hi Riley,

    The GF-1000 is not a black version of the GF-8250. Not only does the model number suggest this, but look at the buttons on the right side. It is simply the non-atomic version of the GWF-1000 Frogman. That does not say it is a less model, it's just different (in design). I guess the fuctions will be exactly the same as on the GF-8250.

    I hope more colors will be released in the future. If it's a US release, you might expect that the prices over some time may drop a bit. When the TC Frog was released in the US, you could buy them en masse for prices like $165 to $180 (thought the Euro-USD rate was not as good as it is now for people in the EU).




    Yes, I guess you're right Sjors. It does have a different module (3285 maybe?) then the GF-8250. The LCD seem the same, but I guess the design of the buttons and resin parts is different. I look forward to seeing more photos of this one. It would be nice to see a side-by-side comparison of the two. And I hope this does mean a lot more new models in a variety of styles. It's interesting how the Frogman series is splitting off into several variations now.


    Considering the Non Atomic Man In Purple GF-1000 is said to get a retail price of $675, then perhaps this basic black one will be $550 or so, which means probably less then $400 on eBay.

    One difference between the GF-1000 module and the GF-8250 is that the GF-8250's module is smaller and more compressed. The time font is smaller in size and the upper tide graph is smaller as well as the eye.


    Hi Guys,

    Both Frogman are same in nature. The only different is the style of design. As the current yellow frog is following the previous DW-82XX, This model can be consider stylish frog. Whilst the GF-1000 is more looks like a heavy duty "TANK" frog for me. For me, both share the same DNA of Frogman, just difference is only the design and style.




    This may be the frogman that I was looking for… ;)


    This watches are extremely overpriced, the GF 1000 is not even titanium is stainless steel and the best price is 450 dollars,casio is making a lot of money in this scam.With that kind of money you can buy another brand and another watch 20 times better than casio.Casio used to be a company of affordable watches for the people and now is a scam.They still have some affordable ones but frogmans are a joke.

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