Hyper Colors GA-110HC-1ADR, GA-110HC-2ADR & GA-110HC-6ADR G-Shocks

    Posted the 23rd day of March in 2011 by Riley.

Here's some more on the new GA-110 models that are part of the colorful Hyper Colors series we saw the other day for the first time. All three of these G-Shocks features the 5146 module with an amber LED backlight and flash alert. These watches will go on sale in May 2011 with the other models in the series. There's lots of color flavors to pick from this year.

Hyper Colors: GA-110HC-1ADR and GA-110HC-2ADR

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    where can buy the GA-110HC-1ADR and GA-110HC-2ADR when they get released ? Im in the USA. Thanks Riley.


    They should be available at the usual US retailers. Searching via Google Shopping is usually an easy way to find them.


    Thanks Riley,

    Would Macy's be one of the places that might have them?



    Hi Riley and mygshock peeps,
    Can you help me choose between GA110HC-2 and GA110HC-6.
    Thanks a lot.


    I think I like the blue one better.


    Thanks, nice pick.



    You may find the model Hyper Colors GA-110HC-1ADR (Blue and purple in black) easily at Macy's store or Macy's.com. Especial on Macy's.com, you will find the black and gold series as well but unfortunately they have only 2 out of 4 of the series.
    FYI, check the Macy's website right here

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