GX-56 King G-Shock Military-Grade Tough Test

    Posted the 14th day of July in 2011 by Riley.

Garwood Laboratories usually conducts tests for the US military, but Casio had them run the GX-56 G-Shock through an incredible series of torture tests to see how it holds up. The barrage of tests conducted on these watches included Low Pressure (Altitude) Test, High Temperature Test, Low Temperature Test, Blowing Rain Test, Random Vibration Test, Freeze Thaw Test, Humidity Test, Solar Radiation Test, Immersion Test, Salt Spray - Fog Test, 10M Drop Test and Blowing Dust Test. The King G-Shock passed all tests with flying colors. Follow the link over for the full results of their product certification testing.


GX-56 King G-Shock Military-Grade Tough Test

tl;dr Results: All (3) watches passed visual and operational inspection with no signs of damage.

And a fun note: Watch #2 missed oak impact surface and hit concrete ground. Watch #3 missed oak impact surface and hit steel slab, then hit concrete ground.

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    The 56 is an amazing piece of hardware, I certainly wouldn't part with mine. Paricularly like the part where #3 his the steel, then concrete.


    I'm a little bit concerned with this test, in that it feels more PR-oriented.
    Does that mean, only the GX/GXW-56 can pass these tests because of its enlarged casing/bezel, and that other ordinary G-Shock models may fail these tests?

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