3 New GW-4000 G-Shock Aviator Watches

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Three new GW-4000 G-Shocks will be released in Japan on November 30th. These new aviator watches feature Tough Solar charging and atomic time sync. It's nice to see the expansion of this "Sky Cockpit" line of G-Shocks. The GW-2000 and GW-3000 series seem to have been a big hit. Casio will be producing 4,000 units a month and the retail price is about $550 USD.


GW-4000-1AJF GW-4000-1A3JF GW-4000A-1AJF

Casio, shock resistant watch "G-SHOCK" as a new product, new construction toughness "TRIPLE G RESIST" a pilot with the "GW-4000" on sale from 30th November.

We are a traditional addition to impact resistance, the steady acceleration test standards for aircraft equipment (ISO2669) in the highest grade (gravity centrifugation to 15G) with the performance of pilot mental 耐遠 gravity exceeds "G-SHOCK" the , deployed in February last year. Has gained popularity face tough performance excellence and a unique design.

We will guide you "GW-4000" is intended to be used, such as the scene of an aircraft flying experience vibration, impact resistance, in addition to cardiac performance耐遠gravity structure with a tough new anti-vibration performance. " TRIPLE G RESIST (Triple-G resist) "adopted. "G-SHOCK" performance has evolved even more toughness. Can be equipped with shock-absorbing gel-like material in the periphery and backside of the module and transmitted to the module to reduce vibration, and vibration immunity achieved ※ 1 vibration acceleration up to 20G. Moreover, suppressing the use of the washer and the screw loose aluminum band to join the case and stuck to detail.
Vibration testing of automotive parts to ※ 1 (JIS D1601) test methods and our reference.

And dial a large motif instruments for aircraft, employs an index three-dimensional, others are improving the visibility of characters when Solar Movement Radio's proprietary "Tough Movement ※ 2" has been carried combines high reliability.
Japan ※ 2 (station 2) corresponds to the standard radio wave reception function of the six American office in China, Germany, United Kingdom, "Multi-Band 6" solar-powered systems and "Tough Solar", in case of an automatic needle displacement To correct needle position "needle position automatic correction," strong "shock-mounted hybrid structures," High performance thin solar radio movement.

New Product Specifications:

Performance: Impact resistance, cardiac performance gravity, vibration performance, waterproof 20 atm

Received signal: JJY (Japan); 40 kHz (Fukushima station) / 60 kHz (Kyushu Burea, WWVB (USA); 60 kHz, MSF (UK); 60 kHz, DCF77 (Germany); 77.5kHz, BPC (China); 68.5kHz

Radio receiver: Automatic reception (/ day up to 6 times / day for up to five times per China only), manual receive

World Time: World time 29 cities worldwide (29 time zones, daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) time display, replacing the city Hometime features

Stopwatch: Measure 1 / 100 second, a total of 24 minutes, split

Other Features: Needle position automatic compensation function, alarm clock, battery charge warning function, Day date display, full auto calendar

Power: Tough Solar (solar charge system)

Continuous operating time: power saving state for about 26 months (when fully charged) And conserve power after a certain time in the dark

Size: 52.9 × 50.4 × 15.6mm

Mass: Approximately 75g

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    I wonder if they're ever going to put an LED light on one of these like on the GW-2500.

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