GF-8250ER-2DR Frogman G-Shock for 2012

    Posted the 15th day of January in 2012 by Riley.

A new GF-8250ER-2DR Frogman G-Shock has been spotted in Casio latest dealer catalog. This new GF-8250 Tough Solar model features a new two-tone blue design (or gray? and maybe ICERC?. It might be a limited edition, and it's likely part of a matching series of watches. It's nice to see this line of Frogman G-Shocks getting expanded. We will wait and see if Casio has any more new colors for us in 2012. Look for this Frogman to be released around April.

GF-8250ER-2DR Frogman G-Shock

Thanks Sjors.

Update: And thanks to skidzz for the photo.

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    Photo was taken by g-shockzone forum member "skidzz," respect.


    Maybe my first frogman? Who knows?!?!?!? Lol still yet to add one to my collection.


    I want to know more information about watch.Can help me anybody?If anybody help me i will be highly greatfull to you.


    I was the one who tagged this to Sjors.And yes I go by the username Skidzz in some fora.Sure would have appreciated that they recognized who took the picture from the catalogue


    Hi skidzz,

    Didn't know who to thank for the photo. I added a credit for you. We all appreciate the heads up.


    thanks Riley.I appreciate it very much.Cheers


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