New G-Shock Phone at CES 2012

    Posted the 15th day of January in 2012 by Riley.

Casio has unveiled a new G-Shock cellphone at CES 2012. This new G-Shock-tough phone is rated for a 10 foot (3 meters) high drop impact, 1 ATM (10 meters) waterproof depth and it can hold up to one ton of weight. It has a chunky design that looks like they wrapped a resin G bezel around the edge of the phone. And there's a big "G" button at the bottom of the LCD. Casio has announced any definite release details or specifications, so this is more of a concept device.

The G-Shock Phone at CES 2012


Translation from Japanese:

Casio "G-SHOCK PHONE" exhibited
Conference in the United States, Consumer Electronics trade show focusing on "2012 International CES" was exhibited in Casio, Mobile "G-SHOCK PHONE" was exhibited to.

Casio, the venue for the 2012 International CES conference in Las Vegas, USA, have been exhibited smartphone reference. "G-SHOCK PHONE" This model is called Bharata, the first "G-SHOCK" I adopted the mobile phone brand ("G'zOne" not on a point). However, the position that the only reference exhibit, product details, including whether it's under consideration.

 G-SHOCK, the watch brand's world-renowned to Casio. Shock and waterproof and dustproof, is characterized by high toughness performance has a certain popularity in the U.S., the brand has been established. Toughness performance utilizing technology that Casio is "G'zOne" and has developed a smart phone with the brand, G-exhibited for the first time bears the SHOCK brand smartphones. However, staying within the acrylic display cases are, but a mock-up state.

The concept of G-SHOCK PHONE is 10 feet (3 meters) from the height of drop impact, 1 atm (10 meters), waterproof, and withstand one ton, but to achieve more than the G'zOne phone toughness it.

Exterior design is reminiscent of the G-to SHOCK, there are bumper to dissipate the shock, etc. The buttons are located on the side you have, G-style that is close to SHOCK.

Release date, specs are yet not decided whether to commercialize. The mock-up screen image has been pasted, it was the design of Android, has not decided whether to adopt Android. I want to be a reference to the reaction at this time to showcase to CES.

Thanks Naka.

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    Cdma or gsm?


    I would love to own one of these!


    I just got my Commando, I will NOT wait when this one is released. Make this concept a reality with a nice processor. . .and you will sell a TON of these.


    I want to have one of this………………..


    As a firefighter and swift water rescue technician… MUST HAVE!!!
    back when i was deciding on my old phone i was leaning towards the brigade, as soon as i was stuck with the original motorola droid (relative begged me to get the buy 1 get 1 free and i gave in)
    the commando was out. finally my phone died from being smashed between two tools in my pocket… the question is can i wait for the new phone or must i get the commando and wait the two years till i can get this beauty! now days we get paged from our phones and i would love to know when i have to respond to a fire when i'm out training on the river..


    i say that instead of them making the choice of weather or not to produce the phone they need to let america decide put up a voting pole.. people .. let us have what we need not what u think will sell make it affordable and people will BUY!!


    i would love to have one when will it be available,definitely iwill crave for it,i want it now…..


    I'm in line for one also. Love the design. Looks perfect.
    Casio, don't wait on this one, "Fortune favours the brave" and you will have a market just as you did when you innovated with the G-Shock watch series.
    I'm drooling so much I need a bib!


    I hope you release this phone very soon…
    like bye December2012 !!!


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