Basic Black DW-5600BB-1 G-Shock Limited Edition

    Posted the 26th day of January in 2012 by Riley.

A stealthy new Basic Black G-Shock is supposed to be coming out next month. The DW-5600BB-1DR has a very minimal design, with all matte black resin parts that lack any paint or color. The watch face is a matching plain black design with the bare minimum of text and logos. The display is reversed and it looks like it might have silver mirrored digits. The buttons are silver though, and it likely has the usual stainless steel case back. Black ion-plating or DLC on the metal parts really would have set this design over the top, but that would have added a lot to the cost. Stay tuned for release date and pricing details.


Basic Black DW-5600BB-1 G-Shock

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    There is a basic white line also GD-100 and DW-6900 so far.More likely to be seen in late march.

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