G-Shock GW-A1000 and GW-A1000D Pilot Watches Coming Soon

    Posted the 5th day of April in 2012 by Riley.

Casio Japan has officially announced two new pilot watches for release on July 31st. These G-Shocks both feature Tough Solar charging and Multiband 6 atomic sync technology inside a brand new aviator watch package. The high contrast white accents on matte black design makes for a sharp look. We will probably see cheaper non-atomic export versions in coming months. The GW-A1000 has a retail price of about $656 USD and the GW-A1000D will be priced a bit more at $826 USD. Stay tuned for more news as it develops.


G-Shock GW-A1000 and GW-A1000D Pilot Watches

Translated press release:

Casio Computer Co., Ltd., and "TRIPLE G RESIST" toughness as a new product structure of the watch "G-SHOCK" impact resistance, impact resistance with the evolution, gravity 耐遠 heart, anti-vibration performance, to enable the smooth operation "Smart Access GW-A1000 "will be released on July 31, the (model 2)" with a pilot specification ".

"GW-A1000" is, so as to obtain the information needed to instantly pilot in harsh environments, but with a variety of functions, and realized smooth is comfortable to use "G-SHOCK".
In addition to the impact resistance of conventional, has adopted a "TRIPLE G RESIST" structural toughness with the performance of the three gravity 耐遠 heart, and vibration resistance. By gel-like material enclosed in the back and the outer periphery of the module, to reduce the intense vibration from being transmitted to the module such as would occur when the pilot of the aircraft, and has realized the ※ anti-vibration performance of up to 20G vibration acceleration.
In addition, intended for use in the cockpit, with the first time in the "G-SHOCK" the "Smart Access" that allows intuitive operation. Was it possible to hand movement due to noise and stress of switch operation, that is driven by the motor of the second hand, minute hand, hour hand separate - electronic Ryu. Other cities world time can be set by the operation of the crown, can be switched to (Coordinated Universal Time) and replacement of home time and world time, UTC will be essential for the pilot and flight operations when a simple button. With flyback function and was able to reset / start the stopwatch at the touch of a button once during measurement, as well as temperature measurement function.

※ Company's test methods and reference (JIS D1601) vibration test method automotive parts.

Crown of large-scale pilot is designed to easy to operate, while at the same time adopt a new mechanism able to ensure quick lock / unlock, and then guard the ends in the bezel to withstand the shock. In addition, the character of a large plate of the cockpit instrument the image of the other adopted the three-dimensional index, visibility has been improved by applying a phosphorescent coating on the part of the thick needle-shaped and when.

Specifications of the GW-A1000:

Impact resistance, heart performance 耐遠 gravity, vibration-resistant performance, waterproof 20 atm

Received signal:
JJY (Japan): 40 kHz / 60 kHz (Fukushima bureau) (Kyushu bureau)
WWVB (USA): 60 kHz
MSF (UK): 60 kHz
DCF77 (Germany): 77.5kHz
BPC (China): 68.5kHz

Method for receiving radio waves:
Automatic reception (Sun / 1 up to 6 times / day, only a maximum of five China), manual receive

World Time:
Show time (Coordinated Universal Time) World Time 29 cities world (29 time zones, daylight saving time automatic setting function) + UTC, UTC direct function call, function replacement of Home Time / World Time

Measuring 1/20 second, a total of 120 minutes, with a flyback

1 minute, set up: 60 minutes set unit, measured in seconds

Temperature measurement:
-10 ~ 60 ℃: measuring range

Other Features:
Needle position automatic correction function, the alarm time, full auto calendar, date and day display, battery charge warning function

Tough Solar (solar charging system)
Continuous drive time
※ In the power saving state approximately 29 months (when fully charged)
※ The power saving after a certain period of time in the dark.

54.1 × 51.7 × 16.4mm

GW-A1000: 85g

GW-A1000D: 157 g

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    Very cool design,i actually like the one with the orange accents more,i think its the best looking analog g-shock to date,lets hope they make some cheaper versions ;-).


    Looking good :)


    Actually, no need for machine translation…
    The English press release is here

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