Khaki Green GXW-56KG-3JF King G-Shock

    Posted the 16th day of April in 2012 by Riley.

Sjors is back this week with an article covering the new Khaki Green GXW-56KG-3JF G-Shock. This big King G-Shock is part of the new military green collection released in Japan. It's a Multiband 6 model with atomic clock sync. There is also a non-atomic GX56KG export version that can be found for cheaper in some markets. Both of these are giant monster of watches and the military theme is sure to be a favorite for those into the style. Check out the full details and make your own decision.


Khaki Green GXW-56KG-3JF King G-Shock

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    Hi Sjors, i really want this g-shock the khaki green king. do you know where i can buy this watch espcially the shop in nederland? please let me know. thank you.. and proud to know you. regards.

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