30th Anniversary G-Shock Collection US Releases: GWFT1030A-1, DW6930A-4, GWM5630A-4, GF8230A-4 & G9330A-4

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Casio USA has officially unveiled their plans for the new limited edition Red series of G-Shocks first seen at the 30th Anniversary event. The US market will be receiving five models with the signature red and gold design. There's the special GWFT1030A-1 Frogman that will retail for $1,700 USD, and will be available at select jewelers. And then the GF8230A-4 Frogman will retail for $500, the G9330A-4 Mudman is $220, the DW6930A-4 is $120 and the GWM5630A-4 will retail for $170. Those last four will be more widely available at the usual stores. It would be interesting to know the number produced of each, but so far Casio hasn't released that information. The GWFT1030A-1 Frogman is likely to have many less available. Any of you want the whole set?

GWF-T1030A-1DR (aka GWF-T1030A-1JR, GWF-T1030A-1CR, GWF-T1030A-1ER)
GW-M5630A-4DR (aka GW-M5630A-4JR, GW-M5630A-4CR, GW-M5630A-4ER)

GF-8230A-4DR (aka GF-8230A-4JR, GF-8230A-4CR, GF-8230A-4ER)
G-9330A-4DR (aka G-9330A-4JR, G-9330A-4CR, G-9330A-4ER)
DW-6930ADR (aka DW-6930AJR, DW-6930ACR, DW-6930AER)


G-Shock Commemorates 30 Years of Timepiece Innovation

The Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Collection Celebrates the Evolution of G-Shock

DOVER, NJ, (September 7, 2012) — To kick off the year-long celebration leading up to their 30th anniversary, Casio America, Inc. is pleased to introduce five revamped classic styles commemorating the evolution of G-Shock. The 30th Anniversary collection highlights some of the most popular G-Shock styles, the classic 5600 mens watch, and prominent 6900 mens watch, mud-resistant G9300 MUDMAN and two versions of the iconic FROGMAN dive watch. Their rich gloss red or matte red finishes with golden mirrored LCD’s and gold IP metal accents are the perfect complimentary pallet for these commemorative timepieces. Each watch has the G-SHOCK 30th anniversary logo, designed by renowned graffiti artist Eric Haze, engraved on the case back.

G-SHOCK origins were the fruit of one man’s vision and his design team’s mission to overturn the conventional idea that a watch always had to be handled with care. When introduced in 1983, its marked characteristic of omni-directional shock resistance brought about a revolutionary redefinition of the wristwatch. With premium-quality designs that express functional beauty, G-SHOCK also reinvented the image of the digital watch, making it a vital part of youth culture. Today, Casio continues to challenge pre-conceived notions of the wristwatch with its constantly evolving G-SHOCK line.

The collection is bolstered by a gloss red titanium cased GWFT1030A-1 FROGMAN with Solar Power and Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping and a gloss red GF8230A-4 FROGMAN with Solar Power. Both watches are ISO 200M water resistant, have, tide and moon graphs, dive timers with data memory (10 log), world time (48-city + UTC) and full auto EL backlight

The mud resistant, solar powered G9330A-4 MUDMAN is finished in a matte red, and includes, a twin sensor (digital compass and thermometer), moon graph & data, world time (48-city + UTC) and full auto EL backlight.

Utilizing one of the most recognized G-Shock style, the DW6930A-4 with EL backlight and flash alert, is finished with a high gloss red and gold mirror face, while the classic square face matte red GWM5630A-4, features Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping, tough solar power and full auto EL backlight.

All models include core functions including shock resistance, 1/100th second stopwatch, countdown timer, 12/24hr formats and a multitude of alarms

“The 30th Anniversary collection is an excellent representation of our commitment to never stop innovating and meeting the consumers” expectations,” said Shigenori Itoh, Chairman and CEO of Casio America, Inc. “Each limited edition timepiece symbolizes our heritage and spotlights the best selling styles over the past 30 years.”

The GWFT1030A-1 will retail for $1700 and will be available at key jewelers, the GF8230A-4 will retail for $500, the G9330A-4 will retail for $220, the DW6930A-4 will retail for $120 and the GWM5630A-4 will retail for $170 at select Macy's and Bloomingdale's stores, key jewelers, fashion boutiques, and on www.gshock.com.

Thanks Sjors.

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    Cry 'Poverty!' and let loose the dogs of famine. I do want them all! I find the whole "key jewelers" thing disturbing. Does anyone know who the "key jewelers" are?


    $1,700 is just over the top for a Frogman.


    G shock east in London will be releasing the dw-6930a-4er rising red on Monday September 17th with only 20 available and a price of around £100.

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