Club G-SHOCK News No.129

    Posted the 1st day of November in 2012 by Riley.

Automatically translated from Japanese

New product releases for November announced

Check the latest models, access now!

• The 5600 series continues to evolve and inherit the square design of the first G-SHOCK, Corresponding model (R) v4.0 now with Bluetooth!

• The G-SHOCK "SKY COCKPIT" series GW-A1000, Adoption of the new composite band flight.

Special anniversary models G-SHOCK30 "Thirty Stars" 2nd, 3rd appearance of special collaboration 30th Anniversary!

MTG-M900 • If equipped with a multi-band 6, a simple design is a popular New models that stuck to black and blue based on the AWG-M100

· Inherits the design of DW-5000C was born in 1983, New color is added to the line-up of popular GW-M5610 series played evolution

Winter sports line model, "G-LIDE" will debut in the new kid on the block of G-SHOCK

Pair watch Christmas gift for lovers limited "G Presents Lover's Collection 2012"!

New G-Shock model numbers include: AWG-M100BC-1AJF, AWG-M100BC-2AJF, GB-5600AA-1AJF, GB-5600AA-1JF, GB-5600AA-5JF, GB-5600AA-7JF, GDF-100BTN-1JR, GLS-100-1JF, GLS-100-3JF, GLS-100-5JF, GLS-100-7JF, GW-A1000FC-1AJF, GW-A1000FC-2AJF, GW-A1030A-1AJR, GW-M5610-1BJF, LOV-12A-7AJR, LOV-12B-1JR, MTG-M900BD-1JF and MTG-M900BD-2JF

G-SHOCK latest catalog

Latest edition of the catalog was completed G-SHOCK! I've posted up a new product this month! !
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Update SHOCK THE WORLD web site!

Culture fused with a variety of fashion, music, sports, and art G-SHOCK movement that does not fit in the frame of the clock is taking over the world, We'll send you updates with the latest up-to-date information of "SHOCK THE WORLD"! !

of the Red Bull BMX Flatland sponsored by Fact of RedBull Circle of Balance World Congress

SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR 2012 report made in Vietnam
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    Ha! Givin' sum luv 2 the old MTG-900. I like it, 'cept 4 the neg. display.


    I like the GLS-100 just wish the had resin bands.Might be ok though the brown one might look cool.For sure gonna buy some of the bezels for my GD-100's also they have two stopwatches.


    While I like the GLS-100's 3402 module, I find the style/color scheme lineup incomplete. How about a basic black bezel/band model with standard (non-reverse) LCD?

    My other dislike is the LED backlighting which is still a bit iffy IMHO. Traditional EL backlighting is preferred.

    BTW, I can't seem to access the new products page in the original HTML format anymore, only in flash format which slows down my browser. Anyone knows how to access the HTML pages like on the screen cap here??

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