Upcoming 2013 G-SHOCK Releases!

    Posted the 17th day of December in 2012 by Riley.

Clement Wong gives us a sneak peak at what Casio has in store for 2013 releases. The latest catalog from Japan shows off 14 new G-Shock watches and a couple Baby-Gs. The MEDICOM TOY DW-6900MT-7JR is likely to a be a sought after collaboration for collectors of both brands. The new limited edition Initial Blue Series looks like it could be a big hit with a range of G-Shock fans. And there's also a fresh batch of Metallic Colors and Big Case models to choose from. Look for these watches to start coming out in Japan in January 2013. Any favorites in this bunch?

G-SHOCK x MEDICOM TOY DW-6900MT-7JR Collaboration
G-Shock 30th Anniversary Initial Blue Series Mudman GW-9330B-1JR

Initial Blue Series: Riseman GW-9230BJ-1JR, Bluetooth GB-6900AA-A1JR and Bluetooth GB-5600AA-A1JR
Initial Blue Series BIG CASE GA-303B-1AJR and BIG CASE GA-113B-1AJR
BIG CASE GA-300-1AJF and GA-300-7AJF
Metallic Colors Series GA-200SH-1AJF, GA-200SH-1AJF, GA-200SH-8AJF and G-8900SH-1JF
BABY-G BGA-142-7BJF and BGA-143-8BJF

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    I'm thankful that there's nothing that made me say "Oh crap! I shudda saved my money." (instead of spending it on older G-Shocks.)


    I wish they'd do some more with the GW-2500/3500 movement instead of these crazy tacky ana-digis.


    Ha Ha Fwupow, I also agree. Fact: The first 30th Anniversary burst practically made me very broke. My wallet needs a long rest I'm afraid. BTW, old Gs are fun too!!!


    So far I think the Riseman is my favorite. Might change my mind and pick up more, once we see some better photos.


    Well I'm disappointed with the GA-300's downgraded module, with no more 1/1000s stopwach and no auto-repeat on the timer…

    Also not sure how the Super LED backlight would fare on the GA-300, but again I don't have high hopes for that either.


    I love the first one idk why but it just stands out for me


    Can anyone help out with a legitimate online retailer in the EU for buying the DW-6900MT-7ER MEDICOM TOY? I found a few but it was sold out. Then I found one in Sweden where it costs 230 Euro. In other countries it is 130 Euro. So a big difference. I also found it here but this site does not look trustable. What do you say?


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