Club G-SHOCK News No.132

    Posted the 31st day of January in 2013 by Riley.

Automatically translated from Japanese

16 new G-Shocks, and three new Pro Trek watches for February 2013.

New products launched in February

Check out the latest models, and access now!

New model numbers: AWG-M100F-1AJR, DW-6900PL-1JF, DW-6900PL-4JF, DW-6900PL-7JF, DW-6900PL-9JF, GA-1000-1AJF, GA-1000-1BJF, GA-1000-2AJF, GA-300A-1AJF, GA-300A-2AJF, GA-300A-5AJF, GD-101NS-1JR, GD-350-1BJF, GD-350-1JF, GD-350-8JF, GW-M500F-1JR, PRW-S2500MG-1JR, PRX-2000LC-1JF and PRX-7000L-7JF

Equipped with the new orientation sensor and neon illuminator. New Sky appeared cockpit!

· G-SHOCK with enhanced timer and alarm function, GD-350!

-To give to people to challenge new field
Model year "Fire Package" 2013

Modeling and mechanical parts of a large case of characteristic
New color of GA-300 series

Dial-metallic hairline processing is shining brilliantly,
Crazy Colors give a strong impact

Special 30th anniversary model! With professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester
Collaboration model

Update SHOCK THE WORLD web site!

of movement "SHOCK THE WORLD" which is taking the world G-SHOCK
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Check in! !

30th anniversary in April 2008 "G-SHOCK". History and has come so far In December last year, the invitation-only events such as the birth announcement Confidential G-SHOCK, new products Held at Laforet Museum Harajuku.


G-SHOCK presents REAL TOUGHNESS in TOKYO Event Reports

Jack G-SHOCK is very popular select shop windows!
Colette × Kevin Lyons

G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Awards in London

G-SESSIONS 30th Anniversary-Europe Preview Event in Berlin

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    A new digital model! GD-350 kinda sounds like a large case model number but looks more like a Riseman size case. Guess I'll be having to snag one.


    These are up on the Casio Japan site now. The GD-350 is gonna be a hit I think. It's a biggie (H × W × D) /: 53.4 × 50.8 × 18mm/75g

    Vibration alarm
    1000 hr stopwatch
    100 City Worldtime covering 35 timezones !!
    3-level adjustable afterglow 1.5, 3, 5 seconds
    LED Super Illuminator backlight
    Countdown timer displays with time & can be started while on the Homescreen apparently. "carved metal" Start/Stop button of different shape from the others.
    Wrist conformers/wings on the back like the G-7900
    5-year battery with Low-Battery warning feature.


    Looks like Rakuten Global Market is the place to go & get one straight from Japan for less than Ebay. I guess this watch has already dropped. Often times the Japanese stores don't have any stock until late in the month, but it looks like they're ready to ship these straight away. The GD-350s that is. They're already discounted. I bet these are gonna sell fast, so it'll be interesting to see what happens to the price and how soon Casio gets these babies released in the USA.


    I looked at these at least three times before i noticed that nigel sylvester that thing is weak!!!!GD-350 looks good real world pictures of the gray model are on google images.

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