Club G-SHOCK News No.133

    Posted the 28th day of February in 2013 by Riley.

Automatically translated from Japanese

New products launched in March 2013

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· New Sky cockpit equipped with a magnetic sensor and neon illuminator! In addition to the resin band combines the lightness of the durability of metal and resin Composite band lineup also add flight model!

· Realization of texture, such as used in the enamel paint new technology. G-SHOCK design that incorporates the geometric patterns "Geometric (geometric)"

DW-6900DS-1JF and GA-1000FC-1AJF G-Shocks, Baby-G and More

SHOCK THE WORLD web site reopening!

of movement "SHOCK THE WORLD" which is taking the world G-SHOCK Renewal page to deliver the latest information! !

· Culture: LES TWINS / dancer interview

Resonates with the identity of the G-SHOCK, extraordinary skill and style, Super athlete population with a tough spirit strong!


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    Wow, so how rare is that Pedro Barros collabo model? I can't find any other mention of it on the WWW. Only two new men's G-Shock releases this month. I thought that 6900 was another croc but it's a diamond-plate pattern. Well, it's a good month to resuscitate one's wallet or dial up some retro Gs.

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