Goa DW-004E-4DT Ethno-G G-Shock

    Posted the 11th day of March in 2013 by Riley.

This week Sjors has a new article on an old Goa DW-004E-4DT Ethno-G G-Shock 1998. This was back in heyday of the late 90s G-Shocks, where Casio experimented with a lot of different themes. There was about 40 different DW-004 variations released in total before they were discontinued around 1999. This bright orange G-Shock features a camo velcro strap and has a red elephant custom backlight. There was a few other different Ethno-G watches in this limited edition series. You will have a hard time tracking most of them down now. Take a look at this one and learn all about it.


Goa DW-004E-4DT Ethno-G G-Shock

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    Did I take that picture ?:-) I am always deep impressed by photo's with Teebee's!




    Looks good Sjors! Wish I had one of those.


    In 1993/1994 we had two of those.


    Nice. That would be a lot of fun I think.

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