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    Posted the 1st day of July in 2013 by Riley.

Automatically translated from Japanese

Published new products launched in July 2013

If you check the latest model, access right now!

New G-Shock models DW-6900SC-1JF, DW-6900SC-4JF, DW-6900SC-7JF, DW-6900SC-8JF, G-8900SC-4JF, G-8900SC-6JF, GW-A1000FC-3AJF, GW-A1000FC-5AJF and GW-A1100FC-1AJF

· Added a direction measurement function, the new "SKY COCKPIT" of pilot The flight composite band model that achieves a balance of durability and weight reduction Add line-up!

· Equipped with a flight composite band "SKY COCKPIT"
The limited color appeared in the GW-A1000FC! !

-Vivid colors is a G-8900 DW-6900 and the popular "Crazy Colors"
New model that is based on!


Emotional conflict, skill, body. In order to grab the title of "toughness" True, This summer, the strong man who is one of Japan's premier concentrate. Aim to the top and the end of the year, Tokyo final,. mix cultural events that Japan is proud of the "REAL TOUGHNESS" I will heat up this summer!

watch free
• 7/6 (Sat) Osaka Grand Front Osaka knowledge Plaza (Osaka)
• 7/13 (Sat), 7/14 (Sun) Shonan Kugenumakaigan skate park
(Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Implementation together also dance contest Baby-G 7/13 (Sat)!
Please not miss it!

2nd ongoing G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary campaign!

Towards purchase, with apparel brand Baby-G and G-SHOCK Collaboration Summer goods, original goods to win a lottery! !

I have to commemorate that the G-SHOCK has celebrated its 30th anniversary in April this year The campaign!
Collaboration Summer goods and apparel brand, the original goods I hit in the lottery! Purchasing during G-SHOCK, the Baby-G Person who gave me your application will be subject to.

August 19, 2013 until Monday noon deadline for entries! !
We welcome your participation!


movement of G-SHOCK in the film around the world of "SHOCK THE WORLD"
You can get a latest information! !

Visual magazine of the departure from NY "VISIONAIRE (Bijonea)" and Collaboration of G-SHOCK was realized.
Entitled "Forever" No. 63 the latest (limited edition 1500 parts), the world of G-SHOCK The expression in the metal book of rare metal in the world.

· SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR 2013 in Beijing report

Opened to YouTube CASIO G-SHOCK Official Channel! !
He started SHOCK THE WORLD event of G-SHOCK,
Majestic figure of G-SHOCK rider, including BMX and surfing,
You can see here, such as such as product introduction, the video of the world!

Official Facebook page of G-SHOCK/Baby-G!
Access now to the latest information!



Fashion can enjoy the view of the world G-SHOCK/Baby-G, art, Culture and music information, such as sports, product information, Notice and events information, the latest information!

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