"Resist Black" Trilogy: DW-5030C-1JR, GW-5530C-1JR and DW-6930C-1JR G-Shocks

    Posted the 1st day of July in 2013 by Riley.

This week Doug, Chrisek and Sjors have teamed up for a special G-Shock trilogy of articles. They have selected each of the new "Resist Black" series of G-Shocks. Casio released this special collection to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of G-Shocks. Take a look at an in-depth write-up of each watch with lots of photos. Each G-Shock has something different to offer. Got a favorite of the bunch?


Resist Black DW-5030C-1JR

Doug's DW-5030C-1JR

Resist Black GW-5530C-1JR

Chrisek's GW-5530C-1JR

Resist Black DW-6930C-1JR

Sjors' DW-6930C-1JR

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