Crazy Colors Metallic Stars DW-6900SC-7 G-Shock

    Posted the 23rd day of December in 2013 by Riley.

Sjors has picked the new DW-6900SC-7 Metallic Stars G-Shock to feature this week. The bright red and white design goes along well with Christmas. The gold stars surrounding the LCD give this watch a unique look. There's also a clear jelly strap holder which is an interesting choice. There's a gold letter G in the center button, but all the metal parts have the regular stainless steel finish. The overall look is really nice and it definitely catches the eye. Take a look to see what it's all about. And Merry Christmas everyone!


Crazy Colors Metallic Stars DW-6900SC-7 G-Shock

Filed under: 2010s, Casio G-Shock, Limited Editions

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