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    Posted the 26th day of December in 2013 by Riley.

Automatically translated from Japanese

Thank you for your continued support of G-SHOCK this year!

Thank you very much and continue next year .


Publish new products launched in January

If you check the latest model , access right now !

- I placed the Arabic dial of large index New analog models big case !

GA-310-1AJF, GA-310-2AJF, GA-310-4AJF, GAC-110-1AJF and GAC-110-6AJF


You have collaborated with Mr. Katsuhiro Otomo / SHOHEI Mr. " RANGEMAN ( Renjiman ) " I introduce an original and MOVIE about ads ! Check out the dream collaboration with G-SHOCK! !

Deadline soon! G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary campaign !

Application deadline is January 15, 2014 (Wednesday ) at noon ! ! The Winter goods of popular brands towards purchase the Baby-G and G-SHOCK, Original goods hit in the lottery ! !
Please apply sieved !

FINAL2013 report and highlight program G-SHOCK presents REAL TOUGHNESS
Street culture event through of Japan's largest

The Tokyo Dome City Hall held on 8th December leave " REAL TOUGHNESS " Final tournament ! !
The theme is the concept of invariant of G-SHOCK the " toughness " , in Street (BMX, skateboarding , break dancing ) of action sports rooted Battle and content to determine the strong man of true , of music , fashion, art 1day Event which mixed culture also showed a surge of the best ! !
Highlights programs to be aired on J SPORTS reports and winner Check in here!

Highlights program program (external link )
12/ 29 (Sun ) JSPORTS 3ch 13:00-14:00
12/ 31 (Tue ) JSPORTS 3ch 16:30-17:30
1 /2 ( Thu ) JSPORTS 1ch 24:45-25:45
1/ 5 (Sun ) JSPORTS 3ch 20:00-21:00
1 /6 (Mon ) JSPORTS 3ch 16:30-17:30
1 /8 ( water ) JSPORTS 2ch 23:00-24:00

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the birth of G-SHOCK, the watch magazine and lifestyle magazine The publication of the " special editing magazine !" The sale at bookstores nationwide , convenience store ! !

SHOCK THE WORLD web site !

Movement of G-SHOCK is stir up the world of " SHOCK THE WORLD " You can get a up-to-date information ! !

ยท I held the " SHOCK THE WORLD 2013 " in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Regardless expressed their determination . Movie making site that Ryo Ishikawa also appear


Realistic appearance of strong adult who is including Ryo Ishikawa , live the same age , With feelings , your decision is made to the original video in the " G-GENERATOR !" The share Facebook, twitter, google+ in the URL of the original video was created . By sharing with your friends , your decision will be even stronger ! !

CASIO G-SHOCK Official Channel

Video various surrounding G-SHOCK is here!

Official Facebook page G-SHOCK/Baby-G!
The access right now to the latest information !



Fashion can enjoy the view of the world G-SHOCK/Baby-G, Art , Culture and music information , such as sports , product information , Notice and event information , the latest information !

I'd like a " Likes " by all means If you have an account . In addition , those who do not have an account also is possible that you see ! !

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    This is just me, but it seems that G-Shocks are getting busier, uglier, and have smaller digits with each new batch. Not good.

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