First Watch that Receives GPS and Radio Wave Signals: GPW-1000 G-Shock

    Posted the 7th day of April in 2014 by Riley.

Casio Japan has announced the release of the first watch with GPS and atomic clock radio signal reception. The GPW-1000 G-Shock features a high-performance GPS LSI system manufactured by Sony Corporation in collaboration with Casio. The Multi-Band 6 technology allows receiving atomic clock calibration signals transmitted from six stations around the world. And it functions with the GPS in a hybrid system, so this new watch can keep accurate time anywhere in the world. When the radio signals are not available the watch automatically receives GPS signals and adjusts the time based on that input instead. It's an innovative technology that is only possible now due to improvements in lower power consumption by these new chips. Older systems would have drained the battery far too fast. We will have to see if these watches batteries perform as well as other G-Shock models in real world testing.

GPS GPW-1000 G-Shock

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    Shesss beautiful ! haha definately have to add this baby to my collection!..

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