Vintage DW-5600C G-Shock Restoration Project


Over on WUS irmojon has been posting his progress on a project to restore his grandfather's vintage DW-5600C G-Shock. The resin parts have fallen apart and the crystal has some really bad scratches. He managed to find a NOS replacement bezel on an online auction, and he is determined to polish out the […]

DW-5600B-3V G-Shock LCD Restoration Project


WorldTime643 found a classic DW-5600B-3V G-Shock that had a badly faded LCD. He was able to find a replacement 691 module and give this watch some new life. There's photos of the entire process, so it's a great look inside one of these old style G-Shocks.

The Design of the Orginal G-Shocks

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The Japanese ERG Design website has posted a couple articles on the design of two of the first G-Shock models. The DW-5000C-1A, which was the very first G-Shock, and the DW-5500C-1 G-Shock II that came out in 1985. The translation is a bit rough, but these articles simply go over each of […]

DW-5600C-1V G-Shock Restoration Project


Topher1556 has posted photos of the restoration of his DW-5600C-1V G-Shock. These classic models often need an overhaul after a good 20 years or so. It's great to take a look inside this one with a 901 module and see how it's made. Follow the link over to see the whole process […]

DW-5200C-1 G-Shock Article on 50Gs

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Sjors has posted a new 50Gs article on the DW-5200C-1. This classic watch is the 5th G-Shock model ever released by Casio. It was released in 1984. There's a lot of history to this one. It looks very similar to the original DW-5000 and later DW-5600 models, but there's a few […]

Classic DW-5400C-9 Restoration Project

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Poeta_m1 picked up a DW-5400C-9 for about $4 USD in an Italian marketplace. It was beat up and had a dead battery, so it need quite a bit of work. This G-Shock came out in 1985 and was the 9th model released. It initially came with a round bezel, but these original […]

DW-5800C-1 G-Shock Gets New Life

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WorldTime643 has posted photos of his DW-5800C-1 restoration project. This G-Shock model was released in 1987, so it's well over 20 years old now. A few new resin parts was all it took to made it like new again. Go on and check out how it turned out.