Enduro du Touquet AW-571E-4A2T Gaussman G-Shock Review


Mitch100 has put together a great review of the Enduro du Touquet AW-571E-4A2T Gaussman G-Shock. This is a limited edition collaboration that was released back in 1999. The Enduro du Touquet is a French bicycle race. This big G has a striking red and black design with some nice custom flourishes with […]

Antwerp-Tokyo Annelies Braeckman x G-Shock G-Cool GT-000AB-7


Sjors is featuring a special Annelies Braeckman G-Cool GT-000AB-7 this week. This limited edition collaboration was released by Casio back in 1997. Sjors managed to find a new old stock one of these G-Shocks at a retailer. This watch comes on a white leather band, and has a few unique design features. […]

Reggae DW-003R-3VT G-Shock


This week Sjors has selected the DW-003R-3VT Rasta G-Shock. This limited edition came out in the DW-003 heyday of the 90s. These colorful watches came on a hefty nylon band with a velcro closure. These were an export model that Casio released in 1997. It's a fun G-Shock and Sjors has two […]

MRG-120TL-1A G-Shock: The First Analog MR-G

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Sjors has written a new article on the MRG-120TL-1A G-Shock this week. This is the first analog MR-G model that Casio released. It came out back in 1997. This watch comes on a black leather band. These MR-G models were pricey when they were released, and it's rare that you see any […]

Hook Ups x G-Shock DW-003HU-3V, DW-003HU-4V and DW-003HU-9V All Together


Sjors has made a special post for the three limited edition Hook Ups x G-Shock collaboration watches. There's the green DW-003HU-3V, red DW-003HU-4V and yellow DW-003HU-9V. Having a brand new set of all three 16 years after their release in 1997 is a nice score. Take a look at all three, […]

Positive Yellow DW-6630B-9 G-Shock

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Sjors has selected the classic Positive Yellow DW-6630B-9 G-Shock from 1994. This brightly colored model came with a black metal face protector that is a rarity nowadays, since the parts have been discontinued for many years. Casio has continued to use this shade of yellow in other G-Shock models though. Take a […]

Xaymaca DW-9500RX-9T G-Shock


Sjors is featuring the Xaymaca DW-9500RX-9T G-Shock this week. Casio released this limited edition back in 1998 along with several other models in the series. This G-Shock features a BPM counter, which is something Casio has included in G-Shocks for quite some time. This watch was released as a tribute to the […]